Dental Chairs and Units

  • Optimal utilization of space
  • High level of integration and combination
  • Perfect harmony between dentist and practice personnel through ergonomic work procedure
  • Wide range of models: technically and functionally optimal solutions are available, for nearly all practice concepts andsuitable technical procedures: everything from one supplier
  • Maximum patient comfort: workplaces permit optimal dental care, dental treatment and advice for the patient

    • Very long life.
    • Easy to operate
    • Proven hygiene concept
    • Systems suitable for the future
    • Modern multimedia optims
    • Aesthetic and well rounded design

Comfortable Upholstery

  • Dental Chairs with sensor light to prevent cross infection.
  • Fibre optic cables to provide better treatment.
  • Poly urethane foam cushions for patient comfortness.
  • Chairs with digital radiography to avoid unwanted exposure.
  • Intra – oral camera to educate and for better understanding.