Sterilization - Autoclave

Apple Dental Care follows at the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control. We follow four tier sterilization protocol for non-disposable instruments.

Autoclave Sterilixation Pouch Bags Applicable to various medical institutions, such as using for sterilized packaging of medical surgical scissors, tweezers and other equipment, and medical equipment manufacturers, such as using for disposable sterilized packaging of medical catheters, syringes, sterile dressings.

  • Sterilization done by Autoclave.
  • Non-Disposable instruments are sterilized by disposable autoclave pouches.

UV Clave

  • Sterilized instruments are kept in water proof package under UV Clave to maintain sterilization.
  • To ensure a bacteria free environment at the clinic we carry out fumigation process every week wherein, the whole clinic is treated with chemical fumes to see that the treatment environment remains bacteria free.

Glass Beed Sterilizer

  • Glass beed sterilizer used for instant sterilization of finer and smaller instruments.
  • The instruments to be sterilized are immersed in to the heated up glass beads and left for a period of time.
  • Infected endodontic instruments exposed for a less time to a laser beam destroys microorganisms including spores.

Distilled Water

  • Each and every dental procedures done using by distilled water only.